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Besides Bigflix, Atrium TV’s members include Viaplay (Nordics), Orange (France), Movistar (Spain), Deutsche Telekom (Germany), Iflix (Asia/MENA), Sky (New Zealand), Antenna (Greece), New Film (Russia) and Yes TV (Israel).Atrium TV has set up a slate of new projects including ‘Quasimodo’ , ‘Game of Thrones’ producer Frank Doelger.Notably, BIGFLIX will fill in the void created by the decline of the home video market by digitally delivering movies.” With 3.9 million registrations, BIGFLIX is already amongst the leading SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) provider.It offers video content in categories such as feature films, short films, devotional, and movie trailers.I broke my foot yesterday and now the doctor told me im off for six weeks. I always love to talk with people, I feel there is always something so interesting, funny and deep.You can know a lot about people, when they talk even if it just a lies, you will also know about them.The same technology will also allow a clean and smooth film experience.

Atrium TV is a new content commissioning club founded by former Sony chairman Sir Howard Stringer and DRG chairman Jeremy Fox.

Launching with an aggressive pricing of Rs 50 for unlimited viewing per month, BIGFLIX is set to provide quality entertainment without breaking the bank across genres, languages and platforms.

Mumbai: Reliance Entertainment owned OTT platform, Bigflix has signed a content partnership agreement with Atrium TV.

I have no feelings in this I just find it interesting.

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