Updating this blog

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Updating this blog

You can always come back to this as your content and your site matures.If your blog does have some existing traffic, take a look at your top landing pages from organic search: As you can see from the screenshot, this site is a perfect candidate.Consider the following: "In order to not update every link's freshness from a minor edit of a tiny unrelated part of a document, each updated document may be tested for significant changes (e.g., changes to a large portion of the document or changes to many different portions of the document) and a link's freshness may be updated (or not updated) accordingly." Changes made in “important” areas of a document will signal freshness differently than changes made in less important content.Andy Crestodina is the co-founder and CMO of Orbit Media.The first place to start is to look at the posts on your site that already drive the most traffic, particularly if you have an older blog where some of the more popular posts are things you or your team wrote six or more months ago.

A word of caution before we get into some specific steps to update and freshen older content, as this excellent post from Cyrus Shepard on fresh content details a few potential pitfalls of freshening your content: With all of that in mind, once we have a batch of posts we’ve decided are good candidates for updating, we can get to work. Thickening your post with additional useful content is a great way to grow longer tail traffic to the post.[Estimated read time: 11 minutes] How fresh is this article?Through patent filings over the years, Google has explored many ways that it might use “freshness” as a ranking signal.It’s driven a little over 17,000 unique visitors in the last month, and while I’ve blurred the post titles, you can see by the dates in the URLs (by the way: don’t use dates in your URLs!) that there is a lot of old content driving traffic for this site. The other way to find good candidates for updating is to look for “low-hanging fruit” in a quick SEMrush report (hat tip to Nick Eubanks, which you can see mentioned in this post or in-depth in his keyword research course).

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(More on this later.) Below are ten ways Google may determine the freshness of your content.

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