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For instance I met a potential new client yesterday and the first hour was simply devoted to listening to his world of business, stakeholders, family and interests.As a consequence we learnt that we shared some similar family roots back in Poland over a 100 years ago!The next key theme will be looking at how to support leaders in defining their own identity - sometimes known as their leadership brand.This involves clarifying personal purpose, values, vision, strengths and most importantly what we’re like when we are simply being ourselves. Our final day will cover the numerous challenges that leaders face and how to support them in taking the necessary steps to moving forward. It’s a privilege to work with great leaders and an equal privilege to share my insight with others. Went to my son’s nursery this morning…sang songs…listened to “I’ve got news” by a collection of 3 year olds (headlines about conkers, a hamster and a stick!

We will start by exploring the importance of understanding the context in which people lead.See our cookie policy for more information on cookies and how to manage them.Here in New Zealand - the home country of my wife Veronica. Yet, with all the invitations to follow our truth we ignore it, push it away, neglect it, deny it.So what’s important for you in your work, life and relationships? As a consequence we waste considerable amounts of energy in a backward mode trying to catch up with ourselves.I was coaching someone the other day who literally described their reality as being behind on everything, always trying to catch up but never quite making it. Being intentional means pausing long enough to define how you want to be.

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