Joe cartoon guide to dating

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Joe cartoon guide to dating

One-shot no-star Looney Tunes were made, but they are rare.The Merrie Melodies were established to feature one-shot characters and miscellaneous stories and settings, particularly themed around a Warner Bros. In 1934 the studio began producing Merrie Melodies in color while the Looney Tunes remained in black & white. I don't know everything, but if I don't know it, I probably know someone who does.If you are looking for heavy duty research, that can be arranged for a fee.Were there any other crossovers of one character from one studio in another studios cartoons back in the 1930s or 40s?

I know that Bugs Bunny makes a cameo appearence in the Paramount George Pal Puppetoon, JASPER GOES HUNTING (1944).It was later acquired by Dade County as a Family Planning & Youth Center.The building is still there at 1701 NW 30th Avenue (near the corner of NW 17th Street and 29th Ave.).In PORKY'S GARDEN (1937) a little spinach-eating chick turns into Popeye the Sailor!(Which reminds me that Homer Simpson did too - and that THE SIMPSONS has had dozens of cartoon character crossover reference gags).

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