Im dating a gang member

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Im dating a gang member

She makes sure me and my brother and sister get what we need — but there's not much left over for things like nice clothes, music and stuff.

One day, this girl in my school had this necklace — it was real gold.

If you’ve been in the gang for years, it may be hard to avoid other gang members.

You may even need to move to another city to leave the gang.

None of these young copycats actually appreciate the brutal violence associated with real-life Latino gangs, they are just really big fans of the gangs’ fashion style and brotherhood mentality.

So what makes your group of friends different from a gang?

My parents came here so I could have a better life.

But, they can't relate to what it’s like to be an American teen. So I started hanging out with this crew who are like me — they understand where I'm coming from."To feel powerful"I've always been the kid that's picked on and made fun of.

If gangs are active where you live, you know how they create a climate of fear and stir up trouble in your community.

Still, the number of teens joining gangs is on the rise, and gangs are beginning to pop up in smaller towns and communities outside the inner city. But nowadays, many girls are joining gangs or hanging out with boy gang members.

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They have even formed their own gangs – Balcony Pain, Fratez, and D Sixty, to name a few.

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