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Dating conflicting schedules

She already has over 7.5 million followers on Instagram, where she posts selfies, photos of her spending time with family and out on the town with friends like Kendall Jenner and singer Jesse Jo Stark.Until recently, fans could get a glimpse of her life with ex-boyfriend Abel Tesfaye -- aka The Weeknd.The R&B star had asked Hadid to be on the album art for his 2015 record, and even though she turned him down, their paths continued to cross.The two are thought to have started dating during the spring of last year and confirmed their split this November.Make sure you take great notes and pay attention to what hes saying. He might have a heavy personally but he knows the subject.Theres a group project and three tests, one of which is multiple choice. He's funny & uses real life examples to help understand his lectures better. His tests are mostly based off his lectures but the book helps especially with topics he didn't get to finish during class. Exam 1 is multiple choice and open book and notes, Exam two is Essays with Notes, and 3rd Exam is Essays in Green Book with one page notes. Tests are all based on his lectures (I barely touched the book), open notes/book, and he allowed a one-paged cheat sheet for the final.

He makes a lot of jokes but theyre related to the material.Took his once a week class, & his lectures made it go by fast. Took him in the winter and would definitely take his class again! He engages with the students on a level of understanding that they can relate to. He explains politics so well, and he makes you understand it!50 point multiple choice midterm around Wk 4 that was primarily on the book (was open note/book), 2nd midterm on Wk 7 5 questions/1 page each (open notes), & 5 questions 1 page each final. his class was not complicated at all but you do have to work for your grade. PROFESSOR SAMAD IS LEGIT, ONE OF THE BEST AT ELAC, SO GLAD I TOOK HIM. Btw, he makes you think a lot, so be prepared for that Kept the class very interesting by using real life examples to relate to material. I did not get a satisfactory grade in his class because I did not read enough in the book, which he CLEARLY states!! For his midterm and final he lets you use your notes!He's hilarious too and had the class cracking up multiple times throughout his lectures. (He'll use these points to bump your grade up at the close of the semester) Exams are open booknotes Just Show up!Attend class, take notes, put in the effort/work and it's an easy A. Hes super funny and relates everything to you that you can understand. In this class you have to really know your information to pass but most of it is provided in class so we didn't even use the book. He is an inspirational professor who is well aware of the topics he discusses. SO hilarious and up to date with pop culture and worldly events Took him for Poli Sci & African American studies, hes a fair grader HE LOVES WHEN YOU READ AHEAD! Proff Samad is one of the funniest people you will ever meet!

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