Creep factor dating

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Creep factor dating

One of their next modifications will be to add endorsements, much like Linkedin, but for relationships, which adds another step toward validation, said Trainor.

Over the next few months, Trainor is excited to see how their creation plays out.

The only innovation in the space was around getting more users, more money, and more hookups rather than making the experience better for the consumer of the product.” “What we identified and potentially solved with our application is a fundamental problem in social networking,” said Trainor.

From there they can set up a profile which includes setting personal search preferences, but things are kept relatively simple as not to inundate the user with questions linked to algorithms, said Trainor.

“I had been spending my nonacademic hours working for major software/networking companies in the area while in school which allowed me to secure a real job after graduation pretty easily.” His team members and co-creators of the app — Staples, Chad Huesgen, and Pradeep Arumbakkam all had a common goal: entrepreneurship.

“After meeting my partner Kevin and working on a business idea with him for a bit, the idea for Hey There came to us,” said Staples.

A couple was introduced to the app through mutual friends and realized they went to the same high school.

“ A year later they are together and going on a trip to Aruba.” Now, as the team’s app starts to take off they are continuing to tweak the user experience.

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“We are proud of what we did, and we are working very hard,” he said.

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