Apple tv crashes while updating

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Apple tv crashes while updating

_ Feb 10 osmc mediacenter[1360]: xinit: connection to X server lost__ Feb 10 osmc mediacenter[1360]: waiting for X server to shut down (EE) Server terminated successfully (0).Closing log file.__ Feb 10 osmc sudo[1725]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session closed for user osmc__ Feb 10 osmc mediacenter[1360]: Kodi exited with return code 0 after 0 hours, 19 minutes and 36 seconds_ I did a clean install by first reverting to ATV software, updating, and modifying the settings as I was instructed to elsewhere, and then used the OSMC installer patchstick thing and everything was working well.Unfortunately the 1st Generation Apple TV has a very limited amount of memory; so if you are using large libraries, you will need a better device.I would recommend not using library mode on the Apple TV. I wound up going a different route in my research/testing with the OS/kodi version on the ATV and found a version that is working great - memory usage stays consistently around 50%.Of course, the latest Apple TV update has exacerbated the problem with Netflix.

As the data is transmitted over the Internet, it has to hop from one server to the next. NPR ran a story about this the morning after I was extremely frustrated with Netflix’s performance.

I'm guessing that it works for a while when you reboot, because that cleans out ram.

Due to the increased demands that Krypton v17 Final puts on the ATV, it's probably going to be a bit slower than Jarvis anyhow.

These streaming services don’t really compete with i Tunes as much as one would think, because they sacrifice quality for price.

That said, I mainly watch Netflix and Hulu Plus because they are good enough and less expensive than i Tunes.

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