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On rare occasions, stories have been published in which Batman has simply identified himself as an atheist or a Christian.It is reasonable to assume that, as with other people, Batman's precise beliefs, spirituality and relationship to God vary over the years, and sometimes shift depending on his experiences.[From: Above: The stone Christian cross in the middle marks the grave of Bruce Wayne, a.k.a.Batman, further indicating Batman's Christian religious affiliation.Batman's grave is flanked by those of his mother and father. He faked his own death using powerful body chemistry-altering chemicals when Superman was ordered to apprehend him.Clark Kent (Superman), believing that Bruce is truly dead, visits the grave.Anthony Pires, a reader of this page, has helpfully clarified some facts relating to this: In this story, Bruce Wayne is specifically asked if he has Scottish heritage.Batman's surname - "Wayne" - is, in fact, of English origin.

Bruce Wayne (the original Batman) is dead in this possible near-future, and buried beneath a Christian cross. The choice of a cross for Bruce Wayne's headstone is not an accident, and was not a default choice.Adherents.com, has analyzed dozens of comic-book characters [and] says Batman may not be the churchgoing type, but glimpses of the crosses on his parents' gravestones may mean he's a lapsed Roman Catholic or disaffected Episcopalian...contained a list of the "suspected" religions of superheroes...Catwoman's headstone, as depicted here, is Given the wealth of support for both major theories about Batman's religious background (Catholic and Episcopalian), it seems most likely that both are correct, and that Bruce Wayne's father (the source of Batman's surname, English heritage, wealth and social standing) was an Episcopalian, while his mother (the key source of Bruce's early religious upbringing and ingrained religious feelings) was a Catholic.Bruce Wayne's ancestry or ethnic heritage is touched upon in a few sources, including the graphic novel .

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